Taline Temizian (b. 1978, Fresno, USA) is a London-based artist who works with multiple media including paintings, Kinetic & Light installations, collages, coding, installations, using systems, signs and processes to explore the interplay between personal narrative, and cultural history through science, art, philosophy and poetry. Temizian’s practice is characterized by a wide range of influences, from modernist painting and anthropology to contemporary medical imagery and research, particularly that of cardiology and neuroscience.

Her collaborations include artists, philosophers, scientists and neuroscientists, physicists, coders, sound artists, curators, photographers, publishers, musicians and film makers.




12.06.2018 EMPIRE II . Tallinn- Estonia – PLAYING GOD. Photography & Film installations. Curated by Vanya Balogh.

27.04.2018 BOZAR Lab – A.I. BETWEEN HUMOUR, FEAR & UTOPIA . When art meets science. https://www.bozar.be/en/activities/140916-ai-between-humour-fear-utopia . PAVILIONS OF MEMORY – Practicable installation.

2018- 15 March INTERSECTIONS – A.I. – Between Humour, Fear & Utopia Installation-Exhibition- GLUON/BOZAR, CCA Montreal- Canada


2017 – 9 Sept – 5 Nov  HOME – Ifa Gallery Brussels , Belgium

2017-15 September- EMPIRE II “Exhale” – Provincial Project Space – Kendall-Cumbria

2017  -9 May – Ongoing – EMPIRE II ”Exhale” – VENICE BIENNALE 2017, Venice,Italy

2017  -18 April- EMPIRE II – “Exhale” – Collective Group screening project in association with Frederic De Goldschmidt & John Adams. Brussels, Belgium.

2017 – 15 October- EMPIRE II – “Exhale”- Spektrum , Berlin, Germany



2017 January – “SPACE” – Q PARK SHOWS – Collective group show curated by Vanya Balogh & Cedric Christie

Showcasing an installation and projection film.

2016 – February– CHINESE OPEN – YEAR OF THE ROOSTER – Q Park London. Curated by Vanya Balogh, in association with Geoff Leong Foundation.

2016 –14-17 September. WOP ART Fair ,Contini Gallery booth- Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland.


Showcasing the BLUE BRAIN SERIES –The Networks Project- During Frieze Art Fair London- side show with Autistica x Mehtabell Projects. London, UK.

2016-  HASSFEST – HEARING ART SEEING SOUND Art & Music Festival – Yerevan. Armenia.

The Contemporary Art Centre in Yerevan. The pieces joined the New Museum of Contemporary Art in Yerevan.   http://hassfest.com

2015 May – THE FALL OF THE REBEL ANGELS during THE VENICE BIENNALE. Show curated by Vanya Balogh. Showcasing:” I Love You Because You Changed My Face”.

2015 22 February CHINESE OPEN – YEAR OF THE SHEEP- BIG DEAL SHOWS- Q PARK – China Town, London, UK. Curated by Vanya Balogh. In association with Geoff Leung Foundation.

2014 LOVE HOUR , Basel Historical Museum – Basel, Switzerland.

The Deli Projects- Curated by Benedikt Wyss.

Showcasing “Needle & Damage Done”



Joined the permanent collection of  the Museum of Broken Relationships- Zagreb.


2014 BIG DEAL- MARVELLOUS MIX-UPS – BIG DEAL COLLECTIVE SHOWS – London. Curated by Vanya Balogh & Danny Pockets. Showcasing “Camp Delta” & a series about Crimes against humanity.




2016 – November – “SILENT WAR”  – THE JAVA PROJECTS- Brooklyn, New York, USA

with Tsibi Geva, based on the Forenzic Architecture project of Eyal Weitzman. Exploring Memory & Trauma in the context of War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity.



2017 – 31 Nov – 2018 7 Jan – PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION – Henri P. Vandekerckhove Gallery. Brussels.

2017 – 2 May TRANSCEND – La Fontaine Contemporary Art Center ,Manama, Bahrain

2016 – 5 Jan – 5 June – SYSTEMS & NETWORKS – Sketch London – Site specific installation & show. London, UK

2015 – 5August – 28 August – EAT MY HEART – Carousel art space, London, UK

Curated by Sascha Bailey, Sound artist collaboration by Doug Haywood.

2016- September 2-5 WOPART Works On Paper fair with Contini Gallery, Lugano,Ticino, Italy.

2015- April 24  AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL HQ – London. “SOJOURN” – An Installation piece and project space exhibition for the Centenary of the Armenian Genocide.




2014 STAGED BEATS , Smart For Art project space. Solo in Maastricht during TEFAF

2014 Selection fair satellite fair ART BASEL with Smart For Art. Basel, Switzerland.

2013 “Khovanshchina” – Rossotrudnichestvo Russian Cultural Center. Russia/UK Cultural exchange program. Showcasing The Paris Collection. London, UK.