(Video installation editions 2 & 3/ of 3)

The film borrows its’ title from a larger project I have been working on for over 5 years alone at first and at some recent stages with few colleagues, scientists, coders, artists, engineers, futurists etc “THE GAME & THE ACROBAT”- Known as TGATA/ Known partly as THE BRAIN PROJECT – is a collective project- ] “is an artistic probe into synaptic mapping: a constructed interactive sensory space and a series of traveling installations ..”based on scientific and other forms of research & data based productions and conferences that also connect to digital performance practices. The purpose is to heal TRAUMA and this happens utilising the Proxy Brain of the artist/s. Based on the Post-Humanist & Transhumanist philosophies and using Neuroplasticity as its’ main direction.

This film starts by the most defining moment of one of the biggest moments of humanity’s history – the Décollage. The take off can lead up to the rest of the universe or to a fatal crash.. This moment is what a Pre- or Post- Trauma looks-like. The about-to-happen notion in anything that takes place in our lives or in NATURE – Nature being the key word in the very Now we are experiencing as human race and collectively with all the inhabitants of this planet… talks about MEMORY (both personal and collective)- The Camera Lucida- Punctum & Spectral. In a poetic attempt to let us relive the “Before, During & Post TRAUMA” in order to understand it and help it heal and transcend. How we perceive colours as thoughts and reminders and thoughts as colours that paint our realities over and over into a DIGITAL HAZE & Lucid dream. How can we survive and indefinitely change our own Neural cinema. Launch that blows up the brain (FMRI image is from my own brain- taken at Maastricht university Neuroscience facility by Dr.Beatrice De Gelder & team).

This rocket launch enters my brain and by proxy our viewer’s brain and attempts a launch ..A new start.. Both personally and on the universal level or.. alternatively crashes, depending on the variables and codes, if we can DEBUG This current state of affairs….