THE NIGHTWATCH Is an Emotional Sci-Fi – A journey and quantum travelling on many planes in the search for happiness, existing with an insurmountable amount of love, pain and enlightenment, fighting all battles while observing the world from all possibilities and points of view including that of the artificial intelligence as well as from the vantage point of all other parallel universes. Protecting the fragility of life, love and the spirits represented through CHOCO, my dog and her heartbeat, she is at the centre of what connects me to love, nature and the universe. She shows me the way, like nature shows us the way even in the depths of all distortion, destruction and trauma.  Here, the journey through chaos and trauma is transcended from a situationist point of view into a new realm and a place of the heart where all pain finds refuge and healing.

Our hearts beat through this lifetime and all the upcoming ones.

Excerpt from THE NIGHTWATCH   – 2024 London

Single channel film. Edition of 3

Created , filmed, directed by Taline Temizian

Technical and AI input by Max Seeger

Song by Derrida Pearl duo from the EP – Love At Freefall Speed 2010