Philipp Keel photographing Taline at Art Basel 2014
Copyrights Studio Philipp Keel


Taline Temizian, Armenian-British artist (b. 1978, Fresno, California- USA) lives and works in London.
With practicable, philosophical and conceptual backdrops, her main interest is the Human subject from the scientific point of view specifically that of Cardiology and Neuroscience, MEMORY being at its’ center.
Coding & maths being major influences in the way of perceiving and expressing most complex emotions.
Her work is not defined by any single media use but IDEA being the main decider.
With backgrounds in both traditional fine art as well as digital technology she explores systems and signs through complex processes to develop a new “Language” that cross-sections the interplay between personal language, narrative, anthropology, futurism, transhumanism and cultural history.
With diverse academic background, her research and learning process are continuous.
Her work is featured in solo, collaborations and group shows, curated collective projects including Venice Biennale side projects, London Q Parks & galleries, Berlin, Montreal, Basel, Paris, Yerevan, Zagreb, New York, Oaxaca, Tallinn, Brussels & Beirut.
Her work is held internationally in private and public collections.
Photographed by David Bailey, Philipp Keel, Marcus Steinweg amongst others with artworks in their collections and other major cultural figures.


Taline Temizian takes a transhumanist perspective on memory and trauma by investigating how neurological activity contributes to lived experience and how artists can change the way we see and better this perception in pursuit of happiness.

Temizian works to depict a “Place of memory” situated between Parallel universes and RL (Real Life), manifesting complex networks comprised of scientific methodologies, conceptual discourse and personal narrative. Employing multiple processes and media, presenting raw yet technically intricate objects and installations that produce bold sensory and emotional experiences. Interrogating the state we are in & deconstructing her post-humanist self to replace it with the transhumanist promise of eternal and idyllic life through science and technology, Temizian applies a poet’s touch to these vocabularies in order to reformat connections and neural pathways between personal history, physical and metaphysical conceptions of humanity.

Based in London, with projects in Brussels, Berlin, Zurich and Paris and more she collaborates with philosophers, scientists, composers, technologists and filmmakers in pursuit of a self-promised “utopia” where “I can regain the lost Time and space.”

“My process is physical, conceptual in many directions including reverse thinking based on a Quantum Time-Lapse, I constantly observe the brain and memory movies triggered by the surrounding or by internal triggers, catch the right elements then construct or deconstruct things or just place them in existing systems, or invent a totally new system that transforms into the artistic output.

(By Ory Dessau – 2018)


10.04.2019 – 22.04.2019. NETWORKING SERENDIPITIES : At Paul Smith – Practicable New Media solo show- Curated by Sascha Bailey. Guest featuring Human Instruments.

(2002-2017) Dec 01 2017 – Dec 10 2017 Pictures At An Exhibition. Powered by Henri P. Vandekerckhove gallery. Sablon Brussels. A retrospective.

02.05.2017- 10.05.2017 TRANSCEND – La Fontaine Contemporary Art Center ,Manama, Bahrain- Powered by The Modern Road studio.

05.08.2015 – 28.08.2015 EAT MY HEART– at Carousel project space – London, curated by Sascha Bailey

April 22 2015. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Installation for The Armenian Genocide Centennial at the London HQ- launching an installation “SOJOURN” at the event “Who Remembers The Armenians? 100Years Of Impunity”.

June 13 2014 Art Basel Selections Fair showing a selection of the Medical Cardiac series. TEFAF 2013 Staged Beats – Solo show Maastricht during

2013. ARTCONNECT BERLIN Featured artist. http://www.artconnect.com/projects/elegy-for-the-golden-years

2013. ZABLUDOWICZ DIARY Featured in. http://www.zabludowiczcollection.com/art-diary/view/london-to-berlin

March 2014 Solo show at Rossotrudnichestvo, “KHOVANSHCHINA”

Paddle8 Charity auction- Saatchi gallery– Prince Charles Children’s Trust. September

Grosvenor Ballroom night Solo show organized by the China-Europe Allied society, June 2013.

Photographed by David Bailey, Artworks joined his private collection

June 2013 Art Antique London– GOSH charity at Kensington Gardens – Artwork auctioned “Chastity & Purity”

October 2013 Cardiac Art Evening, London Lowndes square pop up show at private space.

November 2013 The Cardiac Show -Solo show at Joanna Seikaly Gallery– Paintings and mixed media artworks, Beirut, Lebanon.

International Women’s art festival, Aleppo, Syria, 2011 – Projection of digital installations


29.03.2020-26.04.2020 Kunstraum Rienart- Neuhaussen-Switzerland

13.06.2019 FUTURE HERE – FUTURE HERE SUMMIT & video Installation – Study for an Incubator/Project
“BRAIN” at the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana- Florence-Italy.

02.2019 – Oaxaca ,Mexico- MUSEO MACO – with Empire II collective http://www.empire2.info

05.10.2018- 09.10.2018 –PROTOCOL– Curated by Vanya Balogh. Geoff Leong Foundation. Q Park London.

27.04.2018 BOZAR Lab – A.I. BETWEEN HUMOUR, FEAR & UTOPIA . When art meets science. https://www.bozar.beenactivities140916-ai-between-humour-fear-utopia . PAVILIONS OF MEMORY – Practicable installation.

12.06.2018 – 30.06.2018 Tallinn Art Week, Haus Gallery , Tallinn, Estonia EMPIRE II – PLAYING GOD. Photography & Film installations. Curated by Vanya Balogh.

Fri 27.04.2018 I LOVE SCIENCE Festival , TOUR & TAXIS
Showcasing the new media installation – PAVILIONS OF MEMORY-

15.03.2018 INTERSECTIONS – A.I. – Between Humour, Fear & Utopia Installation- Exhibition- GLUON-BOZAR Lab, CCA Montreal- Canada

09.10.2017–05.11.2017 HOME – Ifa Gallery Brussels , Belgium

15.10.2017 – EMPIRE II “Exhale” – Provincial Project Space – Kendall-Cumbria

09.05.2017– 26.11.2017– EMPIRE II ”Exhale” –Side projects at VENICE BIENNALE 2017, Venice, Italy + FIT THE SLIT-Alberoni Beach installation. Curated by Vanya Balogh.

2017 -18 April- EMPIRE II – “Exhale” – Collective Group screening project in association with Frederic De Goldschmidt & John Adams. Brussels, Belgium.

10.15.2017 – EMPIRE II – “Exhale”- Spektrum , Berlin, Germany

02.12.2016–12.12.2016 BIG DEAL N7 – “SPACE 2016” – Q PARK SHOWS – Collective group show curated by Vanya Balogh & Cedric Christie
Showcasing an installation and projection film. Geoff Leong Foundation.

02.2016 CHINESE OPEN – YEAR OF THE ROOSTER – Q Park London. Curated by Vanya Balogh, in association with Geoff Leong Foundation.

14 -17.10-2016 WOP ART Fair ,Contini Gallery booth- Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland.

Showcasing the BLUE BRAIN SERIES –The Networks Project- During Frieze Art Fair London- side show with Autistica x Mehtabell Projects. London, UK.

2016- HASSFEST – HEARING ART SEEING SOUND Art & Music Festival – Yerevan. Armenia. The Contemporary Art Centre in Yerevan & The Museum of Contemporary Art.

10.2016 – START fair – Contini Gallery booth- at SAATCHI GALLERY

05.2015 – THE FALL OF THE REBEL ANGELS during THE VENICE BIENNALE. Show curated by Vanya Balogh. Showcasing:” I Love You Because You Changed My Face”.
Published in the catalogue by Studio Viktor Hotz.

22.02.2015 CHINESE OPEN – YEAR OF THE SHEEP- BIG DEAL SHOWS- Q PARK – China Town, London, UK. Curated by Vanya Balogh. In association with Geoff Leung Foundation.

06.2014 LOVE HOUR , Basel Historical Museum – Basel, Switzerland. The Deli Projects- Curated by Benedikt Wyss.
Showcasing “Needle & Damage Done” – During Art Basel.

Joined the permanent collection of the Museum of Broken Relationships- Zagreb.

10.07.2014 BIG DEAL- MARVELLOUS MIX-UPS – BIG DEAL COLLECTIVE SHOWS – London. Curated by Vanya Balogh & Danny Pockets. Showcasing “Camp Delta” & a series about Crimes against humanity.

Digital artworks installed & projected at the 1000 year old Shibani Church in Aleppo-Syria. Theme of integration & identity, women’s torture and role in the contemporary Middle- Eastern society on the brink of the revolution.

LCC, London. Group Show. 2010
Kensington Roof Gardens, London. Couture Meets Art Show, 2007 British & International Art, South Kensington, London. Group show, 2005 White Space Gallery, Greenwich, London. Group exhibition. 2003
Group exhibition – Art school graduation show 1997
Sarian Art Centre, Aleppo, Syria. Group Exhibition. 1990, 1994


2016 – November – “SILENT WAR” – THE JAVA PROJECTS-Java Art Center- Brooklyn, New York, USA with Tsibi Geva, Curated by Dakota Sica, based upon Amnesty International research & The Forenzic Architecture Project of Eyal Weitzman. Exploring Memory & Trauma in the context of War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity.


2017-2018 Design & Coding – Degree studies. Ravensbourne. UAL. London.
2009-2010 LCC Visual Communication Post Graduate Cert, London. Central St. Martin’s, London.
2005 Design & Art Direction, Central St Martin’s, London.
1997-2002 BA English Literature, Linguistics & Humanities – Aleppo University
1997-1999 ESMOD Design university
1997 Scientific Baccalaureate
1990-1997 Fine Art Achool – Sarian Academy- Aleppo- Syria