SPACE (2016) – Produced between New York & London,  is a projection & sculptural 3 dimensional film Installation featuring an animated film that talks about a journey  from the outer space “Memory” into the real world that lands in an inevitable crash where the Blocks of her brain start disappearing and the brain functioning in a PTSD fires the unforeseen flashes of memory into the deep past. This installation is a cross-presentation of the Networks & Systems & Networks & Neuroscience projects.

Both a physical trip imagined coming from Mars of a Space-woman who crashes into ground with a debris and pieces of metal, light bulbs, aluminium foils and parts of a spaceship (that form the actual installation in a Q Park space, projected against a rough wall and in indirect “dialogue” with surrounding installations of other artists in this show. And the symbolic crash.

“Making Space”  after a crash landing, bringing memories back as if breaking open a Black Box of a broken aircraft both from the literal perspective and conceptual one.

Curated by Vanya Balogh with a collective of group of London artists and in collaboration with the RCA graduate students in the Q park (carpark) space, art became a situation, a reality and a site-specific moment.

Memory becomes the Dark Matter.