NETWORKS & NEUROSCIENCE – The Transhumanist narrative


PAVILIONS OF MEMORY  (2m x 2.5m x 1.5m) is a practicable / interactive multi-media installation made up of sculpture, paintings, monitor and computers, webcam, sound-system, film installation and suspended perspex sculptures. This work is constructed like an imaginative dissected brain. Physically, a dissected brain looks very different when viewed from different perspectives: the side vs. the front. The structure of the piece explores this notion in the way it is constructed and in the way it record, reacts to, processes and transmits data and moving image.

The installation also represents a color-coding system, as well as a grid system through codes that combine the memories of the artist’s life as well as data from her own brain from FMRI-s and representations of her proxy memories and noise with that of the audience. These are unique programs that perform a certain algorithmic function shown on a monitor as reconstructed neural cinematic movies when combined with the audience’s input through a webcam. The results are infinite and unpredictable like Derrida’s “L’avenir” which also is indicated through the live running TIMERs on the screen. The results are ever-changing possibilities of outputs.

This Transhumanist experimentation is a minor element of the bigger project of Brain & Memory (Networks & Neuroscience) looking for answers in science and technology from the perception of an artist’s brain or its’ proxy, that targets Data and Memory in the human brain and tries to resolve things with its’ explorations of the brain as signifier and signified and the “remodelling” of the Trauma imprints.